"Change of Plans" Directed by Alex Serio

"And Again" Directed by Lea Brandenburg

"Absolute Threshold" Directed by Erica Rose

"Sibs" Directed by Cynthia Silver - Info HERE

Adult the Series - Directed by Cynthia Silver - Top 25 Tribeca Film Fest Web Series

Episode 1 - Pilot 

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"Sustain" - Bowen

"A very well produced, self-made video shows Bowen alone, reading in a neatly furnished flat, before a whirlwind of shots that end with him lying on the floor amongst the remains of all he’s smashed down to pieces. The visuals successfully mirror the fast tempo of the song and capture the overwhelming feeling we all get once in a while, reassuring us that, in order to move forward, it is okay to knock down the walls around us."

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"Gold Age" - Stolen Jars 

"The streaky skyspaces of two landscapes—the pastel pink atop rocky soil and the chilly blue above an urban street at dusk—convey immensity in Jenelle Pearing's spectalur video for "Gold Age...Pearring's video, a companion to the visual album's track, dramatizes Stolen Jars' coming to terms with the sheer emotional force of its music."

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"I Feel New" Rob Lux Feat. LACES

 "The video features actress Christine Spang—as a face in the clouds, as dancers in mansion rooms, and hanging wall portraits. Chriqui's direction and Todaro's animation techniques recall Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" video, the art of Cindy Sherman, and the Fregoli delusion (a condition where you believe everyone in the world is the same person) that plagued John Malkovich in Being John Malkovich."

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Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit

Winner of IACP digital media awards 2018

Sam Jones BBQ

Shot at Skylight Inn - Ayden, North Carolina.  

Love at First Bite - FYI Network

“Love at First Bite” features an accomplished chef and their partner as they cook meaningful dishes in their home kitchen, showcasing their relationship while also providing educational cooking tips. An array of successful culinary stars including Vivian Howard, Nina Compton, Gavin Kaysen, Adam Sappington, John Shields, Elise Kornack, and Sohui Kim are featured in each episode.

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CineBites w/ Panna Cooking

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